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How to do it

The Oxamat is installed onto the transparent cover with two openings. The form of the cover divides the formed cavity into 2 parts.
Evaporation can be very well observed through the transparent cover by the beekeeper. Evaporation begins approx. 1 min after the start and oxalic acid steams circulate in the cycle through the honeycomb lanes. The heating switches off after approx. 4,5 min, while the exhaust is continued to run, until it is clamped.
After altogether 6 minutes no oxalic acid steams are not present anymore and the Oxamat could be applied to the next colony, thus 10 colonies can be treated per hour.

The evaporation time is stopped in such a way that the heating switches itself off automatically, after everything is evaporated.

Announced at the patent office