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How to do it!

How to do it!

Cell measures - 5,3 mm.

Put the wax melting pot under the silicon apron. Then switch on the electrical blower and open the plate above.

Move the filled scoop over the lower pressure plate and fill out the hot wax.

When closing the form surplus wax runs back directly over the silicone apron into the wax fusion pot.

With the help of a putty the wax at the withdrawal edge must be removed.

To open the mold you blow first compressed air (max. 4-6 bar) with the help of a special compressed air nozzle between upper pressure plate and foundation mold. Thus the form can be opened without effort.

Subsequently, you blow air under the foundation and now you could take out the wax plate without difficulty. At the same time the form is cooled by the air leaking out.

After several casting processes you take the layer of wax off (after reaching at least 5 mm of thickness) of the silicone apron and melt them again.