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Oxamat - Oxalic acid evaporation machine »

New Oxamat Jumbo 100

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The advantages of the new oxamat jumbo 100:

  • shorter evaporation time
  • large nominal width of 100mm pipe system, very easy to clean
  • only 0.5 g of oxalic acid necessary  for one treatment
  • extremely high efficiency close to 100 %
  • uniformly fine evaporation and sublimation residue-free
  • durable easy-care device
  • convenient carrying handle

Additonal informations about oxamat:


The varroa mites are fought by the fine distribution of the evaporated oxalic acid in the closed cycle with the bee's hive extremely effectively. By several applications in the time without brood - efficiency of approximately 99%

Very high user's safety

Low power consumption

The evaporation bowl can be filled easily outside the hive body

The oxalic acid air current is continuously kept in a cycle by the bees, at the beginning of the evaporation. Besides, the fine coat of hair of the bees has an effect like a filter. Therefore already after 6 minutes there are no free gases anymore. The ventilator continued to run till it is clamped. It deposits no oxalic acid in the hive parts or honey combs. You can treat approximately 10 bee colonies with it per hour.

The heating switches itself off after 5 minutes, the current consumption is therefore very small, 0.75 Ah per evaporation. With a 36 ah car battery 48 bee colonies can be treated approximately

No bee queen and/or bee losses (the breeding activity is not reduced) - no fodder robbery, oxalic acid smells perfectly neutral

Also suitable for plastic hive bodies, because there's no concentrated heat development in the hive body

The evaporation method is extremely cheap, one treatment costs only a few cent. A press for the self manufacturing of oxalic acid tablets would be worth buying