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Foundation Mold »

Advantages of the air cooled foundation mold

The cell measure amounts to normally 5,3mm.
The foundation mold consists of two silicone honeycomb forms, which are applied on warpage safe aluminum plates, at which strong 240 V-blower for cooling is appropriate. At the wax discharge the silicone apron is downward fastened.

  • short setting up times by air cooling
  • the mold can be opened problem-free by the special air pressure pistole and the wax plate can be extracted, thus you can receive a yield onto 100%.
  • surplus wax flows back directly over the silicone apron into the melting pot.
  • time saving
  • no rips or locations of fracture in the wax plates by soft cooling
  • easy removal of the wax of the silicone parts
  • no delay of the mold and thus the thickness of the wax plates is even.

3 wax plates are molded ...

Why we should mould foundations ourselves?

By the application of varroa pesticides in the beekeeping get to more and more poisonous active substances in our beeswax. So in almost all foundations available at the market the varroazide are provably and can get therefore in our honey.
To avoid these unwanted loads from the beginning, all beekeepers should mould their foundations from untreated bee wax themselves. Wax of drone honeycombs and young wax of the honeycombs which have appeared from new foundations should be applied preferred for own wax cycle.
Therfore I have developed the foundation mold with direct wax return flow, it is simple in the handling and by the mutual air cooling will cool short times be reached. The so moulded foundations are free of tears and exact by the careful cool process.
With the help of compressed air and a special compressed air pistol the foundations are taken practically without touch, the yield amounts to 100 %.